Monday, November 7, 2011

Input Components & Behaviors

I've been wrestling with the different types of rendering in The Render Engine, trying to keep the two in sync so that it's really ubiquitous as to which way you go: either canvas or DOM.  The problem is that events were "simulated" in the canvas and were "actual" in the DOM.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Down, but not Out...

While my provider let my domain name lapse, I want people to know that I'm still working on The Render Engine.  It was, for a while, not a priority as I was starting a new job.  However, a unique opportunity at my job allowed me to use the engine to create a demo for one of our clients.  Since then, I've been asked to enhance the engine more.  I expect to commit the revisions to the engine soon.  I found a number of things, mainly around DOM rendering, which needed to be tightened.  Additionally, I implemented autonomous steering behavior components which I intend to include.

I haven't forgotten about everyone - even sent an email to the appMobi folks to let them know that the engine is at GitHub so they could update their links.  When I get a moment, I'll put the old site there too.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

v2.0.0.11 beta (Beta 2)

I have created a download for the next beta release.  I've also updated and uploaded the API docs for the current version.  As usual, please post any issues you run into on GitHub.  Thanks.

Get it: renderengine_2.0.0.11b
Get the docs: renderengine_2.0.0.11b (API)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New joint types

Just wanted to let folks know that I've just completed adding pulley, prismatic, and weld joint types.  I also did some refactoring to clean some things up.  Getting close to another beta soon...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tutorial 14 - Data Storage

I have finished the tutorials by adding Tutorial 14 for data storage.  This tutorial demonstrates using TrimPath SQL which is included with the engine.  It exposed some issues with data storage objects, which have now been corrected.  Additionally, I've compressed TrimPath Query, and done some renaming to be consistent across files in the "/engine/libs" folder.  This concludes all of the tutorials I wanted to get done for v2.0.

If anyone would like to see some additional tutorials, please let me know in the comments.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tutorial 12 - Physics

I just committed the Physics Tutorial to the repo.  It's just a simple example of setting up a simulation, adding rigid bodies, and getting them to animate.  I also made some changes to the tutorial naming for consistency.  Finally, I noticed a couple of bugs in the PolyBody component.  The first was a bug in the world scale division value.  The second, which is still unresolved, is that the polygon isn't rendering where the physical body is located.  There's an offset that exists that I need to resolve.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Refactored Tutorials and Small Updates

I've completed refactoring of the tutorials and only have two left to create (Physics and Storage) before I'll say they are completed.  I ended up splitting up what used to be tutorial 11 into two tutorials so I could demonstrate convex collisions and particles separately.  I don't want to combine too much into a tutorial which might end up confusing someone into thinking that two unrelated functions are somehow related.  I hope to get the Physics and Storage tutorials completed shortly, but it's a factor of how much time do I have.

In addition to refactoring the tutorials, I have made several small tweaks to the engine which were usually related to bugs I've found.  There are also some new methods added and old functionality cleaned up.  The engine continues to get more stable as the days go on.  Look for another beta shortly, as it feels about right to do so.  I haven't had the time to focus on the Level Editor, but I still plan on getting that completed for the final v2.0 release.

My website continues to be down which is extremely upsetting.  I really have enjoyed having a website for free for a long time, but it's probably time to find somewhere to host it.  Really all I need is a PHP host, and only in the very most basic sense of needing PHP.  I hope to have the website back up and running soon.  Also, the documentation is getting a bit outdated so expect that to get regenerated and uploaded soon too.